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In November 2021, I started minting NFT's on  Some of the NFT's are digital versions of my physical paintings, but the majority are 100% digitally created by me using a variety of tools and methods.

"Sean Alexander Art" has over 2,000 NFT sales on the platform so far.

"Moonman" Series

The "Moonman" NFT's are inspired by old astronaut drawings I used to make on my school folders and desks during class.  These NFT's are usually limited to one single edition of each.



Digitally created graffiti background with my own version of The Notorious BIG wearing a crown.



The Statue of Liberty wearing a black bandana drawn on top of a digitally created graffiti background.



Digitally painted version of a photograph I took in Osaka, Japan in 2015.



Classic Rolls Royce front end with an overlay of my graffiti and a drip border.



Roman bust sculpture with face & neck tattoos and a deep black backdrop.

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